What Is Managed IT Service?

The first IT service providers were largely self-taught amateurs who learned to fix computer systems when something broke. Possessing valuable skills that were in high demand, many of these amateurs turned pro, charging individuals and companies an hourly fee to address computer issues. The best of these new professionals developed protocols for reviewing logs to try to identify issues before they became problems, but their ability to do so was limited by the time they spent on site. Because service providers were typically paid by the hour, companies were hesitant to invest in the additional system maintenance, and because they made their living by fixing problems, the providers had no real incentive to encourage their customers to make that investment.

Hardware and software companies began developing systems in the early ‘90s that were capable of self-monitoring and reporting important data to IT professionals in order to head off problems. These early systems, however, were expensive, complex to manage, and designed for large networks. As a result, large corporations were able to take advantage of these important advances, but small businesses were still left to rely on hourly service to fix immediate issues, with no effective way of preventing their systems from breaking in the first place.

In the past decade or so, however, the rise of “managed services” has allowed small businesses to access the same kind of professional IT service that was previously available only to the largest organizations. Rather than simply providing a fix when your system is down, managed services focuses on setting up your system to alert the service provider of any risk to your system or symptom of a problem as it arises and addressing those issues promptly, before they have a chance to cause a disruption in service.

Do I Really Need a Managed IT Services?

Plenty of companies that don’t have their own IT departments rely on a technically savvy employee in an unrelated position to be the primary go-to person when the system has a problem. While this may seem at first glance like a cost-saving step, it actually can be a tremendous waste of time and resources. First, this arrangement continues to rely on the old, inefficient model of only paying attention to the system when it’s broken, which costs productivity. Second, even if Julia in accounting can fix the problem you’re having, she will probably take longer than an IT professional. In the end, if the problem is beyond her skill set, your company will have lost the time she could have been devoting to the work she does most effectively as well as any additional down time caused by the delay in fixing the issue. When you have a managed IT service plan in place, you don’t have to think twice about calling in a professional to get problems fixed right and as quickly as possible. In fact, you don’t have to think about it at all because your provider will probably know about the problem and get to work on it before you even have a chance to notice it.

Managed service is both more effective and typically more affordable for businesses than hourly IT service. Companies usually pay a flat monthly rate that’s priced based on the number of devices covered. The cost is predictable, so you never have a devastating IT bill, and the service is proactive, minimizing your productivity losses.

What to Expect

When you invest in managed IT service for your business, you have the right to expect a high level of service that delivers worry-free operations. While the old “fix it when it’s broken” model of IT service worked to discourage long-term solutions, managed services prioritizes them. Managed service plan models unite client companies and IT providers in a common goal control: the seamless operation of the client’s IT system.

Why Choose Blayden It Services?

Blayden It Services provides the flexibility you need to serve your business today and grow into your future needs. We create service plans based on our clients’ specific needs and goals while building in the flexibility for expanded service when it’s needed.

Blayden It Services provides free new client on boarding. We take the time at the beginning of our relationship with your company to develop a thorough understanding of your business and your system. Investing this time in your company in the beginning enables us to prevent many problems and to address those that do occur more quickly and effectively.

Blayden It Services guarantees your satisfaction. If, at any time during our contract period, you are unhappy with our service, you have the right to demand satisfaction within 30 days. If we don’t deliver, you are free to terminate the agreement.

Our goal is your seamless operation. We aim to deliver an IT system that you don’t have to think about because it never breaks. IT monitoring and proactive solutions enable us to head off many problems before your staff even has a chance to notice them.

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