In-Home PC Setup

Are you thinking of purchasing a new computer, but USB plugs and CAT5e cables are like a foreign language to you? Are you unsure of what to install when it comes to that software package that you need? Why get frustrated making this stressful transition when Blayden IT Services experts can do it for you? Whether you buy the computer from us or not, we can help you get it set up the way you want it in no time—all in the convenience of your own home!

 Blayden IT Services technician will:

  • Deliver your computer right to your home (If Purchased through Blayden IT Services)
  • Physically setup and connect one PC desktop or laptop
  • Configure the PC to connect to your existing wired or wireless internet connection
  • Configure the PC to access one existing email account
  • Connect and configure one peripheral device (printer, scanner, external hard drive, etc.)
  • Install up to two software applications that you provide

When you need to be absolutely sure it’s done right, call Blayden IT Services for your home computer needs!

In-Home Network Setup

A home network can let you connect multiple computers to the internet; share files, pictures, and music; and even share a printer with all of your computers! Our  In-Home Network Setup includes a Blayden IT Services tech, who will set up everything for you—taking the mystery out of home networking.

Blayden IT Services technician will:

  • Recommend a location for the included wireless router and install it for you
  • Configure a custom name for your network (e.g., The Johnson’s)
  • Set secure passwords that are easy for you and your family to remember
  • Configure up to 4 computers or devices for internet access and home file sharing
  • Configure your printer to share with all of your computers
  • Expert recommendations to get the most out of your home network

You get an expert installation of your personal wireless router. When you need to be absolutely sure it’s done right, call Blayden IT Systems for your home networking needs!

In-Home Hardware Install

Let the Blayden IT Techs come to you to install your next computer gadget. Internal components, backup drives, printers, you name it—we can install it!

 Blayden IT Services technician will:

  • Connect and configure your new component, peripheral, or accessory
  • Install any drivers or software required for functionality
  • Help you make the most out of your new gadget

Whether you bought it from Blayden IT Services or not, make sure it’s installed right and save yourself time and temper by calling the Blayden IT Services Techs!